nedelja, 10. marec 2013

Can you imagine.....

...what a wonderful world?

četrtek, 07. marec 2013

How to make a kite in 10 steps

Here is a guide how to make a kite from paper or from plastic shopping bags:

Students make kites to fly as a massive tribute dedicated to advancing the cultural and social dialog, a symbol of bridging the gap and understanding the "other." This will hopefully become a continuous tradition of flying kites with personal and group images of our dreams for a better world, a world of co-existence, tolerance, acceptance of the "other" and peace.

IEARN is a resource site for a number of collaborative projects designed by people all over the world. Talking Kites All Over the World was designed by Adi Yekutieli, an Israeli artist who believes the creation and the flying of a kite is a “symbol of dialogue, brotherhood and understanding,” he said on the IEARN website. Many of the countries involved have been torn apart by war.

We are flying kites  on the March Equinox.
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